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Accord LMS 2.6 is Released!

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Accord LMS 2.6

is now available for download. Here are some highlights:

Learner Catalog Customization

Templates with Tokens are now used to present the Learning Catalog to your users.  The catalogs can be customized to your audience and application using whatever font, backgrounds, images and layout you need to achieve your desired presentation.

Reports Module

Accord LMS Reports now provide 6 reports with more to be released in the coming months. 9 different export format options. Raw CSV support for reports with over 100,000 records. Enhanced filter options, select multiple learning folders, multiple learners, etc.


Notification Options can be configured for many different aspects of your portal operation, learner activity and license status. Here are just two examples:

Other Updates Include

  • DNN 6.0+ compatibility
  • Education Units
  • Manager API Enhancements
  • Updated Documentation

For a complete list of updates, please review the Release Notes.
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