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Adobe Flash:  The End is Near.  Are you Ready?
Adobe Flash will retire no later than December 2020 but in some cases it could come to an end within the next few months. Has your organization taken the necessary precautions to convert all of your SCORM modules to HTML? Is there any Flash left within your LMS? This article will review the suggested steps to properly prepare for the upcoming future without Adobe Flash.
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New Admin Features for the Accord LMS
Accord is releasing version 2019.04 on Monday August 12th. This version is the first of several important updates planned for the remainder of 2019 which will simplify the administration of the Accord LMS. This article will explore two new features as well as provide some hints for features coming relatively soon.
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LMS Integration: Six Methods to Consider
Modern Learning Management Systems are designed to fit seamlessly into an ecosystem of software solutions. Accord offers six different integration approaches to help you fit the Accord LMS into your computing environment.  This article will discuss each available solution and offer suggestions which may help you decide which approach will work best.
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Finding the Best LMS: A Step by Step Plan
There are hundreds of Learning Management System vendors. Faced with so many choices, how do you determine which one is best for your particular organization? The key is being able to find the best-fitting LMS for your unique needs and budget. This article will take you through an effective selection process, from planning through purchase. Please consider each step carefully to help determine which LMS solution will work best for you.
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Accord's New Quick Report Is Here
The Accord LMS provides a sophisticated reporting engine that allows system administrators to create and save their own custom reports. This flexible reporting system provides a remarkably wide range of possible reports. Sometimes administrators wish to quickly assess who finished their compliance courses. Enter Accord’s new Quick Report.
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Live Online Training In The Accord LMS
The Accord Learning Management System supports a wide range of virtual training technologies. In particular, Accord offers tight integration with LogMeIn’s popular GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining online meeting solutions. This article highlights some new integration features which will benefit those organizations who provide online training for staff, partners or customers.
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Learning Management - Knowledge Solutions
In 2018, Accord LMS introduced a new suite of features designed to facilitate further interaction between instructors, learners and peers, as well as providing a platform for providing answers to the most common questions. This article will examine the four modules in the Accord Knowledge Solutions.
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Personalizing the Learner Experience with Tokens
People crave personalized experiences. The Accord LMS offers many features that will personalize each Learner’s experience including personalized course assignments, focused social learning groups, curated course libraries, personalized news feeds and more. This article will discuss the use of Tokens in order to personalize certificates, pages and messages.
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Customizing Your LMS – The Power of Learning Roles
A Learning Role is a tool used for grouping and identifying learners within the Accord LMS. In a sense, the Learning Role is a proxy for Learners assigned a given Learning Role. In this article we will explore how Learning Roles may be used to create unique learning experiences for specific groups of Learners.
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Customizing Your LMS - Page Management
This second installment in the 'Customizing Your LMS' series focuses on using the DNN page management tools. The information in this article will demonstrate how you can rename existing menu items, add or remove pages for specific learners and add HTML content to your Accord LMS web portal. The article represents a small number of the customization options available with the Accord LMS.
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Customizing Your LMS - The LMS Home Page
The Accord Learning Management System goes far beyond logos and colors by providing features that will help you offer a truly unique environment for your learners. This is the first of a series of articles that will point you towards some of the many customization opportunities available to you with the Accord LMS solution. This article takes a detailed look at the LMS Home Page.
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Extended Enterprise Learning Management
Extended Enterprise Learning Management facilitates training for learners who are not employed with your organization. External Learners might include customers, contractors, dealers, distributors, or franchisees. This article demonstrates how an Extended Enterprise LMS can help you extend the reach of your training programs.
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Mobile Learning - a Necessity for Today's Learner
According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 80% of Americans own smartphones and 51% own tablets. With that many people accessing the internet via smartphones, Learning Management Systems (LMS) must offer a complete learning experience for mobile devices
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Try Before You Buy: Evaluating an LMS
Any software infrastructure purchase is a significant investment.  Beyond the financial investment, you’ll spend time configuring, deploying, and maintaining the system.  This article provides a few simple tips that will help LMS buyers confidently choose the top LMS for their learning environment.
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Learning Management for Franchise Training
Training is an important part of the franchise relationship.  In a practical sense, training supports the core mission of a franchisor by helping to impart their vision, operational experience and product value proposition to the new franchisee. 
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